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The Client: Evolve Telecom Ltd

Telecommunications specialists develop their online presence

Evolve Telecom Ltd is a specialist in mobile and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business communication solutions. They offer independent advice to all business sizes from the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) to large companies with 100+ employees. They are a direct business partner with the five major UK mobile phone networks and resellers of  VoIP solutions.

The Business Requirement

As a result of changing their business model, moving away from Business to Consumer (B2C) to a Business to Business (B2B) model, Evolve wanted to progress their brand and redevelop their website to reflect a new market perspective. Having already achieved a strong online presence the company were eager to invest further in usability and search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to achieve even greater levels of new business leads.

Evolve required a high degree of control over their website content which, in this fast moving industry, demands regular review.

The Sigmer Solution

In 2006 Sigmer worked closely with Evolve to clearly identify and understand the main users of their website. A pre-project Usability Study provided invaluable information on which to base the design, information architecture and functionality of the new website.

Bespoke functionality was developed for users to find the 'Best Mobile Tariffs' based on their own particular business requirement. This feature links a series of business scenarios with appropriate network tariffs. Scenarios are built and managed through a custom built Administration Area. The website also provides users with the ability to search Handsets and their features and to view up-to-date, dynamic network tariff information which is held in a database and, again, managed by Evolve themselves.

Sigmer applied their expertise in website accessibility to produce a site that conforms to high standards and is fully optimised for search engine visibility. The site was set up to be content managed using Sigmer's own website content management system, Scribe CMS.

The Result

Evolve is now able to provide important, detailed and up-to-date information online across a wide range of mobile and VoIP products and services.

The website is highly effective in helping their customers find the best business solution for them and providing them with clear calls-to-action so that an enquiry can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Understanding the users needs has been key to the success of this project, and with four strong leads generated by the new website within just fourteen days of launch, it is expected to result in a significant increase in sales leads over the coming months.

Amanda Barlow, Marketing Manager, had this to say about the benefits of a pre-project usability study:

"It was invaluable to sit around a table with people outside of the business but with an understanding of what we do and who we are catering for. This helped to open our minds to exactly what the customer would be looking for in our website and not just create a site with what we thought should be on there. Getting in to the mind frame of our customers made us question what we were putting on our site and where it was placed.

 A pre-project usability study is well worth investing money into, as it gives a clear understanding of where you are and where you need to get to with your site."















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