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Company Information

A closer look at who we are and what we do

Welcome to our company information area. In this section, we aim to provide you with more detailed information about Sigmer, including our background details, which technologies we use, our areas of expertise, staff information and our policies and standards. To get in touch, please view contact information.

Company background

Sigmer Technologies was formed in 1999 and is headed by Niall McCrae, Managing Director. The company has grown to employ 30 staff at our head office in the Innovation Centre of the University of Sussex, Brighton, and our administrative centre in Stansted. Our unique strength lies in the experience, expertise and dedication of our people, and our collaborative and ethical approach to business. Please read about our senior management for further information.

What we do

Sigmer offers a range of specialist technology services and bespoke IT solutions to the commercial, charity and public sectors.
These services include:

See our products and services area for more information.

Our clients

A number of high profile clients have already benefited from our services, drawing upon our expertise in a variety of areas. These include:

View Sky case study View Scottish and Newcastle case study View the British Film Institute case studyUnited Nations flagUK Border Agency logo

For further information, please see our clients area.

Want to know more?
Please contact us if you'd like further information or to discuss your requirements.

photo of Niall McCrae This page is managed by Niall McCrae. If you would like to talk with Niall please email
or call 01279 726 960.


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