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Individual and Team Development

An opportunity to grow

Sigmer takes the aspirations and goals of its employees very seriously. We have completed the 'Work Life Balance' process and we are currently working towards 'Investors in People'.

Sigmer management Go-Ape!

Training and career development

We try to build realistic career development plans and to create flexible teams to allow staff the opportunity to experience different roles and to learn additional skills.

We have recently implemented communities of practice as a means to encourage employees with knowledge in one specific area to assist in the development and training of others in that particular skill. A clear benefit of this approach is the support and relationship building which is a positive bi-product from participation in a community.

Sigmer offers individuals the opportunity to take more responsibility within individual projects. This allows participants to try new roles and to learn in a secure environment with minimal risk. Each person trying a new role is encouraged to take on something outside of their comfort zone. The experience allows members to see themselves and their colleagues in a new light. 

Sigmer’s environment provides a highly enjoyable way to learn and develop team and management process skills. Fun is a powerful aspect of effective learning with participants becoming more open to the experience and more creative in their approach, whilst participating in it. View images of the Sigmer staff out and about .


We have a very high expectation of our staff and this is demonstrated in our thorough recruitment process. If you are interested in a career at Sigmer, please view our current vacancies, or send a copy of your C.V. to Clair Witcher, Office Manager, who will hold it on file for when a suitable vacancy next arises.







photo of Clair Witcher This page is managed by Clair Witcher. If you would like to talk with Clair please email
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