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Case Management Software Systems

Effective case management application software

Sigmer provides case management systems to help organisations increase their efficiency and responsiveness. To discuss your case management requirements, please call John Archibald or Pete Kelly on 01273 669 710, or e-mail

Case management systems – what we do

Sigmer's expert team works with clients to devise high quality case management systems. We can provide guidance on all areas, including:

  • Workflow management
  • Search
  • Report generation
  • Security and
  • Templating

Our user-interaction specialists work to provide a system implementing business requirements as simply as possible. Sigmer has expertise working with both Microsoft and Open Source technologies, enabling us to select the most appropriate platform for your business. Read more about our technologies.

Case management software – how we do it

Sigmer has a proven track record in providing case-management software. In our work for Risk Advisory, we used MySQL and Java SWING technology to provide an easy-to-use and powerful case management system. The deployment system means the software can be installed and updated automatically without the need for user intervention. The resulting system allows RA's users to collaborate, recording all details of the case.

Want to know more?
Please contact us if you'd like further information or to discuss your case management system requirements.

photo of John Archibald This page is managed by John Archibald. If you would like to talk with John please email
or call 01273 669 700.


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