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Website Content Management Solutions

Easy-to-use website content management system

Sigmer's expertise with web content management systems has been applied to high profile clients such as:
The International Save the Children Alliance
Scottish & Newcastle UK
British Red Cross, RNIB and RNID

Together with a number of smaller organisations and projects. We provide content management solutions with our Scribe CMS and our team of experts provide business and technical guidance and content management consultancy services

If you need expert guidance regarding website content management, please call John Archibald or Niall McCrae on 01273 669 710, or e-mail

What is Scribe CMS?

Scribe CMS logo.Scribe CMS is a sophisticated web site content management system designed to address the day-to-day needs of organisations for a powerful but easy to use means of creating, managing and controlling the content of one or many websites.

Bring your site to life:

Scribe CMS allows large and complex organisations to devolve the creation and management of website content to those best placed to do so - the business users - while still maintaining editorial and brand control with those who should have it.

Smaller organisations will find that Scribe’s low-cost, simplicity of operation and rapid deployment make an attractive package for the growing business.

Hosting and access:

Scribe CMS can be hosted internally or externally allowing a disparate community of autonomous users - perhaps geographically dispersed - to maintain content or manage single or multiple websites - from wherever there is access to the Internet.

Easy to use:

Scribe CMS delivers powerful functionality, and a fully integrated set of tools, through a user interface that is fast to learn and simple to use.  The style and layout of pages is fully controlled through page templates, and style sheet (CSS) editing, and content is automatically generated with Accessibility Standards in mind.

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