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Database Design and Development

High-quality database design and database development solutions

Sigmer has a proven track-record in high-quality, custom database design and development. Learn more by viewing our approach to developing database applications and database design and development examples.

To discuss your requirements, please call John Archibald or Niall McCrae on 01273 669 710, or email 

Database design and development overview

Sigmer's approach to designing and developing databases ensures that your applications will provide high levels of data integrity and security while our open approach facilitates efficient and reliable integration with any existing enterprise applications. All of this delivered using a development methodology, that provides our customers with clarity and predictability at all stages of the project and using a structured approach to usability and user-interface design, to make complex applications simple to use.

Sigmer's expertise in database applications has already been applied to high-profile clients such as The British Film Institute, developing a filmographic database of the BFI's archive of television and film material dating back to 1933, and BSkyB, delivering a staff training and incentive scheme supporting over 13,000 employees.

Database and platform technologies

We provide database applications for most major platforms and operating systems using MySQL, ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server, and we support all Unix-based or Windows platforms using Apache and MS IIS web-servers. Read more information about our technologies.

Database Development Case Studies

View Sky case studyView the British Film Institute case studyView Scottish and Newcastle case study

Learn more

Read about our approach to developing database applications and view client project examples of database design and development.

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