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Website Design and Development Examples

A reputation for excellent web site design services

Sigmer has proven experience in website design and development; some client examples are shown below. You may also wish to read about
our approach to website design and development.

To discuss your web site design and development requirements, please call John Archibald or Niall McCrae on 01273 669 710, or e-mail

View our clients for full case studies.

Scottish & Newcastle UK:

S&N commissioned Sigmer to develop an innovative database-driven web-application to provide on-line facilities to approximately 200,000 users. The application,, is a rich and fully-featured internet website that is simple and easy to use, while carrying out complex rule-based processing, and which will help optimise On-Trade sales for this major international brewing group.
Jennifer Roberts, Space & Merchandising Planning Manager: "Sigmer's passion for delivering the best system they can, combined with their enthusiasm and deep appreciation of the challenges that the project needed to overcome, has led to the creation of a tool that is being welcomed by S&N and our customers alike." View the full Scottish & Newcastle UK case study.

The International Save the Children Alliance: W3C Priority Level 3 design

worked with the International Save the Children Alliance Secretariat to design their website to the highest level of accessibility - Priority Level 3. The site is maintained using Scribe CMS, giving the organisation the ownership and flexibility it needs to manage a series of global websites.
Sarah Dewe, Online Communications Manager: "Web accessibility, cross-browser compatibility and clean, professional design have all been high priorities for us. Sigmer have proved themselves to be very committed to finding solutions to address all these issues in a very professional way." View the full Save the Children case study.

British Red Cross, RNID and RNIB: Community

re-designed and developed the Community Equipment website in order to make it more attractive and easier to use, to provide a more effective information architecture whilst complying with high standards of usability and accessibility.
Natasha Knox, Business Development Manager, RNID: "It was very important that the site met our high accessibility standards. This was one of the reasons that we chose Sigmer, as they have comprehensive expertise in this area. We are very pleased with the site Sigmer has developed." View the full British Red Cross, RNID and RNIB case study.

Evolve Telecom: Usability study increases website effectiveness

conducted website usability testing for Evolve Telecom prior to redesigning their website. The new site has increased levels of usability and accessibility, and is highly effective in helping their customers find the best business solution for them and providing clear calls-to-action. The success of the new site can be measured by the significant increase in sales leads over the previous site.
Amanda Barlow, Marketing Manager: "A pre-project usability study is well worth investing money into, as it gives a clear understanding of where you are and where you need to get to with your site." View the full Evolve Telecom case study.

The Sussex Innovation Centre: Improved IA and accessibility

designed SInC's website to conform with high levels of usability and accessibility. User profiling was carried out which helped to inform the information architecture of the new site, thereby improving communication between SInC and its tenant companies
Chris Hudson, Centre Manager: "Sigmer were quick to understand our brief and integrated with our team quickly and easily to help us achieve our objectives. We are very pleased with the design and improved usability of the new site." View the full SInC case study.

To find out more about our website design and development solutions and how they can help your business, please contact us

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