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Incentivise - incentive management system

Market-leading incentivisation expertise, systems and guidance

Solve your incentive challenges with our sophisticated, achievement-based incentive scheme and unique Realise, Recognise, Reward approach for incentivisation.

Sigmer Technologies has been providing staff incentive schemes and incentive solutions for over five years, helping departments such as HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations to address key operational challenges. Visit and download the Incentivise information sheet for more information. 


Incentivise - an all encompassing system for incentivising employees, partners and resellers.Supporting achievement, learning and performance-based activities, Incentivise allows the simple creation and management of incentive campaigns, and provides a robust, auditable environment in which to motivate and reward staff and partner achievement in many areas, such as:

  • Learning and knowledge
  • Operational, process and quality performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Behaviours, such as attendance and timekeeping

Simple to integrate with other systems, and complete with tools to help the migration of existing incentive schemes, Incentivise is ready to bring the benefits of incentivisation to your organisation.


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