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Interface Design

Designing simple views of complex systems

At Sigmer our interface designers use established techniques in Human Computer Interaction to produce user-interfaces that are both pleasant and efficient to use. Interface design also involves making websites accessible for disabled users and this process is supported by Scribe CMS, our own website content management system. To find out more, please call John Archibald or Niall McCrae on 01273 669 710, or e-mail

Human computer interaction (HCI)

Where humans and computers meet is one of the most interesting areas in Information Technology and Human Computer Interaction studies teach us how we can build better interfaces and give us guidelines and principles for interface design. Some of these are simple and obvious, such as:

  • Provide Feedback - the progress bar at the bottom of your web browser window is an example of feedback; when a page loads it moves from empty to full reassuring you that something is happening
  • Support Error Recovery - humans make mistakes and a good interface should provide support for this; when you delete a file in WindowsTM you will be asked, “Are you Sure?”

Interface design - our expertise

At the heart of a good interface design is a thorough understanding of the problem domain in which the user works. Delivering many different projects has given us considerable experience of providing application interfaces that work with the user rather than against the user. Project examples include web application design and development for Scottish and Newcastle U.K., and intranet design consultancy for UNHCR.

For website design we use HTML with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control presentation. For applications we clearly delineate the code that controls and presents information so that we can change it easily and involve the user in a prototyping design process.

Want to know more?
Please contact us if you'd like further information or to discuss your interface design requirements.








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