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Website Development User Profiling

Useful documents relating to the website usability process

Here we have a number of useful documents which help to increase understanding of the benefits of usability and of the user profiling process. User profiling is an essential part of website design and development and application design and development, in order to develop a successful application.


Usability: Counting the Cost
[Adobe PDF, 128Kb]

An informative document explaining the benefits of building usability into the design and development process.

The document also explains how the user profiling process used by Sigmer helps project stakeholders keep user awareness top of mind, resulting in successful projects that give users what they want.


Website User Profile Template
 [MS Word, 52 Kb]

A template document for users who are interested in developing website user profiles.

This document helps to capture user information such as reasons and intentions for visiting a website, web experience, expectations and more.


Example Website User Profile
[Adobe PDF, 58 Kb]

An example of a completed website user profile form, 'Website user profile for Nexus Business Centre'.

This document gives an idea of the kind of information and level of detail that should be captured for website user profiling. The information is then used to help inform the information architecture of the site or application.


Website Development User Profile Report
[Adobe PDF, 236 Kb]

This document is the result of a client based usability session conducted by Sigmer with a current client during a site redesign.

The document has been made anonymous, removing mention of both the client and their product area. It gives a very good idea of the benefit of user profiling as a part of the usability process and its impact on related areas such as:

 - Website design
 - Information architecture
 - Copy writing
 - Website ergonomics


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