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Website Analytics

Measuring and analysing website performance

Where a website is a strategic channel for an organisation it is important to understand who is visiting the website and what they are doing while they are there. However, it can be challenging to collect accurate and meaningful statistics in respect of website traffic and visitor behaviour unless the appropriate tools and approach are in place.

Sigmer can provide consultancy services to help clients formulate a website analytics strategy and identify and deploy the most suitable web analytics software. For further information call John Archibald on 01273 669 710, or e-mail

Measuring web site performance

Basic, low-end web reporting tools may be sufficient for monitoring the performance of a simple website, or an intranet, but they are not sufficient for analysing customer-facing websites that are primary delivery-channels for an organisation.

In this case it is useful to measure beyond basic website performance and look at website objectives. These should be linked to Key Performance Indicators, or KPI's, of the business plan to really deliver value from a website. Part of this process may involve going back to the basics and asking why someone visits a website, what they want to do on that site and whether the site allows them to achieve their aim.

Web analytics utilities can be configured to monitor all of the primary constituents of a website and can give immediate benefits through the measurement and monitoring of the following key metrics:

  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Number of returning visitors to the site
  • Sources of site visitors
  • Key phrases by which the site is being found on search engines
  • Most popular areas of the site
  • Measuring what users do on a page, otherwise known as 'events'
  • Amount of time visitors are spending on the site

Related services

Website analytics can help to inform the following:

 - Search engine optimisation strategies
 - Website information architecture
 - Website usability

If you would like to discuss your website analytics requirements, please e-mail, or contact us.

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